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7 Fashion Health Hazards to Watch Out for

  1. Skinny jeans

7 Fashion Health Hazards to Watch Out forSkinny jeans may be fashionable, but wearing skin-tight denim and other close-fitting trousers can have health repercussions for both women and men. For men, wearing tight trousers can cause overheating of the testes, lowering sperm count and causing fertility problems. For women, wearing skinny jeans can increase your chances of developing thrush. Furthermore, squeezing into skin-tight trousers can cause nerve compression, leading to tingling or numb thighs.

  1. High heels

7 Fashion Health Hazards to Watch Out forOnce reserved for special occasions, women are now increasingly opting to wear heels on a daily basis, which could lead to a whole host of health problems. Regularly wearing high heels can cause poor posture, put pressure on your joints, and lead to a range of conditions including arthritis, hammer toes, back pain and tendon injuries – and that’s before you take into account any heel-related accidents! Minimize damage by limiting your heels to 1.5 inches for daily wear and wearing insoles to help reduce the pressure on joints. Swapping to wedges will also give you more support.

  1. Flip-flops

7 Fashion Health Hazards to Watch Out forWhile they may look more comfortable – and less dangerous – than high heels, flip-flops can also generate their fair share of health problems. In fact, in Britain the NHS reportedly spends £40 million a year treating injuries caused by wearing flip-flops. As wearing flip-flops offers no arch support or heel cushioning and forces you to adapt how you walk, the casual footwear can lead to joint pain, shin splints and orthopaedic problems. As with heels, flip-flops have their place, but they are better reserved for the beach and replaced with more supportive shoes for everyday wear.

  1. Sexy underwear

7 Fashion Health Hazards to Watch Out forAll ladies like to look their best in their underwear, but donning synthetic fabrics and thongs could leave you feeling far from sexy. Not only can rough materials cause chafing and infections to delicate skin, but wearing synthetic materials can encourage yeast organisms to multiply – increasing risk of thrush. Furthermore, wearing thongs can easily contribute to the spread of bacteria, leading to urinary tract infections. To help prevent any nasty itches, swap skimpy, synthetic underwear for pretty cotton briefs for daily wear.



  1. Y-fronts

7 Fashion Health Hazards to Watch Out forGuys, you may not have lacy underwear or thongs to contend with, but your underwear could still be causing you problems. Just as with tight trousers, wearing tight-fitting Y-fronts can cause overheating and lead to reduced sperm production and fertility for up to 11 weeks. While these effects are temporary, if you are trying for a baby it is important to keep things cool by swapping tight briefs for boxer shorts at all times.

  1. Piercings

piercingAccording to survey results published in the British Medical Journal, 25 per cent of body piercings lead to complications including swelling, bleeding and infection. Furthermore, even if you avoid infection, jewelry can lead to rashes and itching for those with nickel allergies, while dangly earrings can damage the ear tissue as it is stretched and pulled down by their weight. To accessorise your look without putting your health at risk, always go to a reputable piercer for new piercings; opt for hypoallergenic jewelry where possible, and reserve heavy earrings for special occasions.

  1. Slimming underwear

slimming underwearsSlimming underwear (or control pants) are a big seller, endorsed by many a celeb and loved by ladies everywhere. However, while they may pull in all your lumps and bumps and help you look streamlined and leaner in your favourite dress, Bridget Jones style tummy-control underwear could also affect your health! Similar to a corset, control underwear puts increased pressure on the stomach, often leading to heartburn, breathing problems and digestive problems. Conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome can also be worsened by such restrictive underwear.


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