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6 Steps in Keeping Your Beard Neat

6 Steps in Keeping Your Beard NeatA lot of men have adopted the new fashion style of keeping facial hair which is fondly referred to as “beard gang”. While it is fashionable, it is important that it is kept neat and tidy. Below are some expert tips on how to keep your beard gang in top health.

Maintain a healthy diet: Like every other thing in your body, your hair grows when you take the essential nutrients. It is not necessary for you to eat anything special if you are not in a hurry to grow a beard. However, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet will help the hair on your face grow out. Experts recommend that a lot of fish is good for growing hair.

Keep your beard clean: Keeping your beard clean cannot be overemphasised. Keeping the beard clean prevents itching and keeps it soft. This is very important especially if you are just growing a beard. Experts advise that you wash and condition your beards. You really do not have to use a special beard wash and conditioner, a good shampoo and conditioner will work nicely. When you are done washing your beards you should dry it with a fresh clean towel. A fresh clean towel is advised because old towels can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Avoid blow drying your beard as the heat from the dryer can dry out the facial hair. After washing and drying, comb the hair with a clean tooth comb, so that you can remove every tangle and set everything in order.

Have a workable routine: A lot of guys who keep nicely groomed beards can attest to the fact that it takes a lot of effort to keep the beards in good shape. It is important that you invest your time in a workable routine that you can follow. Take out some time on a daily or weekly basis for proper beard maintenance and stick to it.

Avoid trimming wet beards: A wet beard will always appear longer and if you trim while it’s still wet, you might cut off more than you planned to do. It is important that you wait for the beard to be dry to avoid any errors.

Invest in the proper tools: Over time, going to a professional all the time might take its toll. So, it’s better to start investing in the appropriate tools. You can buy a beard trimmer, which is a handy tool, especially if it is cordless. If you prefer to go manually, you can get a pair of nice professional scissors and a comb to trim the beard. But trimming with scissors takes more time than using the beard trimmer. It’s also important to note that it would be more convenient to trim longer beards than shorter beards.

Make Use of Beard Oil: A lot of men that keep facial hair complain that it itches, even with the regular wash up. This could be because your beard is sucking out all the nutrients from the face – making the beard dry and flaky; it can also lead to dandruff in your beard. A good way to combat this is by applying beard oil to your beard. Beard oil firstly hydrates the hair providing your facial hair with the nutrients that it requires. Then it keeps the beard in order.
So as you go about with your beards, make sure it is kept neat and tidy at all times.

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