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500 Women Screened for Breast Cancer in Ilorin

AdvertisementFive hundred women have benefited from a free-breast-cancer screening in Ilorin, in order to curb its prevalence. The Medical Director of Lifefount Hospital, Ilorin, Dr. Yemisi Adeyeye, told reporters that there was the need for women to be aware of the existence of the disease at its early stage. She said this is because women are usually the most affected victims and their early awareness of its existence in their breasts will lead to a cancer-free society.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the three-day medical outreach was organised by the hospital in collaboration with the African Research Group for Oncology. Adeyeye advised women to always embark on self-breast examinations through frequent checks of their breasts for lumps and other strange features around their breasts.

She said: “Those who are still menstruating should also check their breasts between the seventh and 10th day after menstruation. ”This is because by that time, the breasts will not be as bulky as they used to be in the rest days of the month.

“For women who are already in their menopausal years, they can choose a particular day of the month to always check their breasts. “Besides checking one’s breasts by oneself, they also should create time to visit the hospital. “This can be once in a year or once in six months for doctors to conduct clinical breast examinations for them; which is very good.’’

The medical director advised women from 40 years and above to do mammography at least once in a year, while those below 40 years should do breast ultra sound. She said but for the free medial outreach, it would have cost each of the beneficiaries between N50,000 and N60,000 to do a breast-cancer screening.

Source: Medical World Nigeria

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